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‘Tis the season

Christmas has come early for Freddie the Rooster. As announced on Twitter, Woolly Acres is welcoming a new flock of chickens!

As for the hens …

It is time to bid our old biddies goodbye
We are working to place them in a nice home close by

where they can free range, fuss and cackle away,
over who did or did not lay an egg that day.

and reminisce about the rooster, and his growing bald spot
And hope he, too, escapes from a date with a big iron pot!


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Let’s hear it for the hens!

Egg production is back up! The hens made a surprise comeback as soon as the temperatures dropped.

We thought the decline in egg production may have been a sign of the flock’s not-so-silent passage into midlife. We now believe it just may have been too hot.

Don’t forget to pick up some eggs on your way home.

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Meet Freddie

Meet Freddie, the Woolly Acres rooster-in-residence!


Freddie looks after the flock of hens. He carries himself like a rock star and can be heard, live each morning, at about 5:30 a.m.

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